Grand Final

  • The motion for this round has not been released.
  • Semifinals

  • The motion for this round has not been released.
  • Quarterfinals

  • THBT it is unethical to be extremely wealthy.
  • Round 6

  • THW implement promotion/relegation between the NBA and the G-League.
  • Round 5

  • THBT politicians should prioritize broad appeal over ideological purity
  • Round 4

  • THBT CUSID should boycott NorAms every year it's hosted in the States
  • Round 3

  • You are presented with a choice before you are born. You can be born into this world, or you can be born into a world without any religion or spirituality. Regardless of your choice, once born, you will not remember having made such a choice. THW choose to be born in a world without religion
  • Round 2

  • TH, as Meehakk, would opt to be stuck in Thailand as opposed to Vietnam.
  • Round 1

  • TH is the CA of a popular pro-am tournament that occurs yearly in Waterloo. The current adjudication core is you, and the internal DCA. A week before the tournament, the TD asks you to put up a DCA application form. THW not put up the form.